What is Beauty

U know what is very deceiving, celebrities and what we watch on the media. It portrays perfection but in all honesty some of them look horrific. We refuse to focus on the truth, but instead we gravitate towards an illusion of what we are programmed to understand, is perfection. So we are all aware of easy ways to perfect or enhance our beauty, plastic surgery!!! Whether it's getting the perfect body or the perfect face. You can have it as long as we have the money right? Now tell me, do we really think Kim Kardashion is beautiful? Or are we just brain washed to believe that she is?

Being a Woman in Today's Society

Being a women in today’s society is definitely difficult! What happened to a simple task as tying your hair back and applying a splash of make-up and calling it a day? It’s not like, we have a ton of time to incorporate all of those over whelming beauty secrets and tweaks here and there. Am I right ladies? HIGHLIGHTING, CONTOURING OMG!!!!!! Society expects too much from us, from the body trends of super models to Kim Kardashian. So definitely, being a women is tough!!!! We have to be domestic, and have a career and also be glamorous.