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Will your natural lashes fall out, if you constantly have semi-permanent eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are addictive!!!!! Like all the hair follicles on our body, there are life cycles to them. This is always a concern that crosses peoples mind when they are wanting to get semi-permanent eyelash extensions done. Don’t be alarm, just following the after care instructions that are given to you and you should be good. Keep in mind your natural lashes have life cycles so they will organically fall out. Note, you will noticed them more with eyelash extensions. So to answer the ultimate question, no your natural lashes will not fall off if you have eyelash extensions.

Lash Aware Event at Inoui Salon Sept 21 2014

Born to be Lash is hosting a "Lash Aware" event at Inoui Salon on Sunday, September 21 2014 from 3pm to 6pm. In this event we will be showing you how to apply your own semi-permanent eyelash extension on yourself with your eyes opened and without a lash technician. Yes, we did say "apply semi-permanent lashes on yourself with your eyes opened" I know a lot of you are wondering if it's even possible. This is more of a reason why you should attend our event, so we can show you that this is absolutely possible and anybody can do it.

Lashes are a Must Have

Lashes are quite the main essential product used in our daily make up routine. It is the icing on the cake! Everyone owns at least a pair of false eyelashes or so. Even if we don’t own pair of false eyelash strip, some of us either has our eyelash done at a lash bar, the only problem is the maintenance and cost.

Eyelash Obsessions

Genetically not all of us are blessed with the “long thick lashes” gene, so we are always searching for ways to enhance our eyelash length and thickness. Whether it’s using; strip lashes, semi permanent eyelash extension at a lash bar or using chemically enhance eyelash growth products. All of these eyelash enhancer have there pros and cons. With the strip eyelashes, we are always constantly worrying about the glue not sticking to our lash line or the false lashes falling off because of the oil produce on our eyelids. Can you imagine partying and one of your strip lashes fall off?

Eye Lash Extension TLC

We should always take care of our eyelash extensions, treat them with tender loving and care! Treat them like they are our own natural eye lashes. To keep your eyelash extensions longer healthier, the rule of thumb is to never yank or pull on them! We could all comprehend with the frustration when our eyelash extensions are miss placed. This will result in pulling and yanking. The solution is to comb them gently with a lash comb and definitely use tweezzers to place them back to how they are supposed to sit. Think about this, would you yank and pull on your own natural lashes?

False Eyelashes 101

Individual False Eyelashes 101! Since individual eyelashes have been a topic on most people's minds, I feel the need to educate our lovely readers on all of the different types of individual lashes out there and how one can create many different looks with all of the available options. Best of all, you can completely customize the way that your lashes look! Check out our quick video on how to apply them and you can have them look so natural as though you were born with them.