Eye Lash Extension TLC

We should always take care of our eyelash extensions, treat them with tender loving and care! Treat them like they are our own natural eye lashes. To keep your eyelash extensions longer healthier, the rule of thumb is to never yank or pull on them! We could all comprehend with the frustration when our eyelash extensions are miss placed. This will result in pulling and yanking. The solution is to comb them gently with a lash comb and definitely use tweezzers to place them back to how they are supposed to sit. Think about this, would you yank and pull on your own natural lashes? I think not! So please don't pull or yank on your eyelash extensions, it will only result in bald spots all over your lash line. It's extremely traumatic :( To properly care for and extend their longevity, always use oil free eye make-up remover, yanking,pulling and avoid saunas.