About Born to be Lash

"Your eyes look naked,

dress them with lashes."

Hello Lash Darlings,

I am just a girl that is obsessed with eyelashes since the beginning of time lol( not that long just over a decade) and have been trying to find ways to look as if I have had my lashes done professionally without the HIGH COST. I have been an eyelash technician for over 12 years and with my experience with eyelashes and techniques, I am able to team up with other eyelash technicians and create this DIY semi-permanent eyelash extensions kit. Our DIY kits consist of different types and range of lashes and styles that you can choose from. And create the set of lashes that you want without any surprises. To be honest, not all eyelash technician can create the set of lashes that you want, so why not custom create the lashes that are meant for your eyes only. Hey if you want to have longer lashes in the front, DO IT! No one can say anything because this is your creation. Be you and do whatever makes you HAPPY. Trust me when I say this product will blow your mind and give your lashes an "orgasm" lol. Yes, there are products out there that claim to have the same outcome, but ours is different. Our lashes are handcrafted and cruelty-free. Our technique consists of two types of lashes that need to be applied together in order for you to have the effect of having your lashes done professionally. WATCH OUR VIDEO AND YOU WILL SEE :).

Lashes & Kisses,


Born to be Lash & Co.

Thank you for allowing us to show you that anything is possible!!!!