About Born to be Lash

"The eyes are the window to your soul,

decorate them with lashes."

Hello Lash Bunnies,

A little introduction about our company.Born To Be Lash & Co. was created in 2006 for those who loves Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions but don't love the high cost and the constant appointments. With many years of research and testing we are able to produce a lash kit that will enable you to apply and fill the lashes on yourself. A visit to a lash bar to get a full set of lashes can cost around $100 to $400 dollars. The major difference of the application is that you are applying it on yourself, with your eyes open. This is possible because the adhesive use in our lash kit is very gentle,safe and hypoallergenic. When you get the service done at a lash bar your eyes are closed so you don’t get to control the amount of lashes that are applied. Some lash salon charge you per lash, which can be pretty expensive. With our lash kit and careful thorough instructions, you have the ability to customize the look that you want with no surprises.There are lots of inconveniences with the service done at a lash bar, and time is one of them. Our company understands that time is of the essence and therefore our techniques and products will give you the capability to control and manage when and where you want to have your lashes done. We have spent a number of years perfecting this art and we hope you will enjoy our DIY Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension Kit. So no more appointments, use that time for yourself!

We are often asked, " Where do you go and get your lashes done?" and "Are they your real lashes?" We feel very honored, that our techniques and products result is comparable to the lash service done by a professional lash technician.

Lashes & Kisses,


Born to be Lash & Co.

Practice and practice to prefect the technique!