DIY Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions


Born to be Lash & Co offers a DIY SEMI-PERMANENT EYELASH EXTENSIONS KIT, with instructions so that you are able to apply the lashes safely on yourself at home, with your eyes open. The adhesive use in our lash kit is safe and hypoallergenic.Each set of lashes can last from two to four weeks. You will have full control of a number of individual lashes you want to be applied to your natural lashes without a lash technician, the harsh fumes of the glue and the hassle of appointments. Now, customize the look you want and be in full control! This is also excellent for those who love having their lashes done by a lash technician but have no time to get a fill. Save time, money and enjoy feeling confident and beautiful! Fall in love with your own eyelash creation!

Simple Equation: Born to be Lash kit - lash technician + you = professional looking set of eyelashes that will last for weeks. Remember practice makes perfect, be creative and have fun! Lashes and Kissses

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